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9 Tips to Lower Your Cycle Time

Cycle time is the number one metric the auto appraisal industry is judged on. Therefore, lowering your cycle time is a great way to improve your perceived value. It doesn't matter whether you are a single appraiser or a nationwide firm, your cycle time is scrutinized and examined on a consistent basis. Industry Standard Cycle [...]

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5 Expense Tracking Apps for 1099 Contractors

Being an independent auto damage appraiser can be a challenging career. Fast cycle times, high expectations, demanding customers, and dealing with devastation on a daily basis can all add up and make you feel worn out. Many appraisers are so busy handling being the appraisers for their company they neglect being the all in one [...]

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Cloudy Headlight Dangers and Solutions

Most of us don’t pay much attention to our headlights. They just illuminate the road for us when we need them and if a bulb goes out we get it replaced. Yet, slowly over time the headlights of a vehicle can become cloudy looking and cause potential dangerous scenarios and consequences. As auto damage appraisers [...]

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