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The Life of a Contracted 1099 Auto Damage Appraiser

Working as a 1099 contracted independent auto damage appraiser, can be thrilling and fulfilling but, let’s be realistic, it also has its disadvantages. It takes discipline to keep a schedule, balancing work life and personal life, obtaining a good client base and let’s not forget invoicing and paying taxes. Let’s look at what it takes, [...]

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We are Only as Good as Our Last Claim

For over 4 decades at SCA, a quip our founder still often says is: "We are only as good as our last claim." The statement usually comes after a major (or minor) client complaint where the claims manager threatens to pull their account from SCA to give to another IA provider.  This witty, tongue in [...]

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How to Stay Safe When Caught in a Hail Storm

Hail storms can come on very quickly and cause extensive damage. Hail is formed during thunderstorms when rising currents of air, called updrafts, carry raindrops high into the atmosphere where they freeze. Eventually the hailstones become large enough that the updrafts can no longer lift them and they fall to earth. Here are 4 tips on [...]

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