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More Than Just An Appraisal Company

SCA is relevant in the insurance industry as more than just an outstanding appraisal firm. Our company provides integration assistance and Smartphone/ Tablet app technology to our customers and partners in order to better facilitate everyone’s end goal of a satisfied vehicle owner. With our technology-forward vantage point we will always remain the leader in our field.

With decades of industry experience, the smartest employees, a top tier technology department and millions of completed claims our customers know what to expect from SCA – the best appraisal product and solution-driven services. Since there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ customer, SCA has always been on the front lines of innovation. During the mid-90’s when digital photography was in its infancy SCA was there working to provide customers with a higher caliber product using the first Kodak DC cameras. Throughout our decades of service to the industry every employee, product or service has had a laser focus on providing quick cycle time, accurate estimating and great customer service.

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