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Why Should Anyone Be Concerned with Employee Relations?

If you’re asking yourself this question, think again! In my many years as a business owner and entrepreneur, I’ve made mistakes. The good thing is that I’ve learned from those mistakes, and now fully understand the tremendous benefits of having a company that values good employee relations, and the heavy costs associated with not valuing employees. Through the years, I’ve [...]

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Managed Middle: The IA Industry’s Opportunity for Relevance

“The issue I have is not just with SCA, but with all IA’s, my issue is supplement handling. Both the size and number of supplements.” This is the feedback coming from insurance carriers and vendor managers in my daily conversations with them. What is the client really saying when they say, ‘their issue is IA supplement handling’? What these clients are [...]

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Thriving with Multi-Lingual Insurance Policy Holders

We live in a global community with people of diverse language backgrounds; and since everyone needs insurance this means policy holders will run the spectrum. Therefore, it is not a stretch to assume as a small business providing customer-interactive services to a regional, national or global insurance company there will be a high probability of some policy holders being non-English [...]

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Having a Small Business Environmental Policy is About Planning and People

It seems like almost every stream of conversation at some point in the last few years has touched on an environmental issue. The automotive industry is especially known for its impact on the planet. Topics range from the use of recycled materials by parts manufacturers to why buying an electric vehicle is less ‘green’ than just better driving practices. Each [...]

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Security of Cloud Storage for Auto Appraisers

With the exponential rise of cell phone photos in the claim industry arises the need to ensure those images are secure. Just like everything that is smartphone connected the vehicle damage images that you - our appraisers - take may be getting stored online in the cloud. Granted, the photos taken as part of a damage claim are usually nothing [...]

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How to Set Up Your Professional Claims Email Address in 60 Minutes or Less

As an independent auto damage appraiser, you are working with vehicle owners, insurance companies, independent appraisal firms, and auto body repair facilities and you need to make a good first impression. There are many things you can do in person to better your professionalism, but many appraisers don’t take the time to make a good impression with their most valuable [...]

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