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Will Automation Help or Hurt Insurance Adjusters and Appraisers?

It is unavoidable that continued automation in the insurance industry is in our future. Nearly every industry is being turned upside-down by recent developments and implementations of artificial intelligence technology so why should the insurance industry be any different. According to a study by McKinsey Global Institute, as much as 45 percent of labor in the United States could be [...]

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Increased Scrutiny on Data Security for a Small Company

We’ve all heard of the big ‘hacks’ where millions of our fellow citizens’ data is spirited away by some unknown cybercriminal to be sold on the notorious Dark Web. These attacks against multi-billion dollar companies are often are caused by some random employee with a simple password or a person trying to get their work down by using an unsecured [...]

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Fast Food Options for the Auto Damage Appraiser

You need to stay healthy as an auto damage appraiser, it’s important. You go to appointment after appointment, spending endless hours on the road. One of the biggest challenges to your health is eating healthy and resisting the urge to gobble down burgers and shakes at every meal. So how do others do it? Here are some tried-and-true methods you [...]

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The Life of a Contracted 1099 Auto Damage Appraiser

Working as a 1099 contracted independent auto damage appraiser, can be thrilling and fulfilling but, let’s be realistic, it also has its disadvantages. It takes discipline to keep a schedule, balancing work life and personal life, obtaining a good client base and let’s not forget invoicing and paying taxes. Let’s look at what it takes, both good and bad, to [...]

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We are Only as Good as Our Last Claim

For over 4 decades at SCA, a quip our founder still often says is: "We are only as good as our last claim." The statement usually comes after a major (or minor) client complaint where the claims manager threatens to pull their account from SCA to give to another IA provider.  This witty, tongue in cheek statement has rung true [...]

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Why Auto Appraisers Should Not Fear Virtual Estimating

One of the greatest fears for auto damage appraisers is a growing loss of relevance, or loss of value in the auto claim supply chain.  Especially in the last 5-7 years, up and coming company’s like Snapsheet, WeGoLook, Onsource and the plethora of Insurtech start-ups with millions in funding, no wonder there is such uncertainty and concern among auto damage [...]

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