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The Complete Appraisal Process, Managed Under One Roof

Today’s appraisal industry is not the same as when SCA first stated in 1979 and our company has adapted it’s office personnel, business process and appraisal network with the changing times. With all the recent changes in inspection methods and workflow improvements we have leveraged our in-house development team to create top notch smartphone apps and virtual appraising services. We couple these technology advances used by our appraisal network along with fantastic teams of dedicated employees at our regional offices in Burbank, Tucson, Bayville as well as the remote employees across the country to provide an exception work product.

Auto/Light Trucks Appraisal – Our franchise network is comprised of professionals that not only have solid vehicle appraisal acumen, but of equal importance, understand what it takes to create a successful customer service experience.

On Road Truck & Trailer (ORTT) – Heavy equipment appraisals can be difficult to estimate for a number of reasons. There are many nuances such as ‘loss of use’, parts availability, depreciation, options, customization packages and nomenclature differences which our team members are well qualified to handle. It is for these reasons that SCA has created a specialized ORTT division which staffed by experts in the field. This team is dedicated to providing you with timely, accurate, and consist appraisals.

Specialty Appraisal – SCA offers damage appraisals and market evaluations (ACV) on Specialty / Exotic Vehicles, RV’s & Travel Trailers, Boats & Watercraft, Motorcycles, ATV’s & Snowmobiles.

DRP/ PRP Re-inspection – SCA provides re-inspection service of vehicles in support of your Direct Repair or Preferred Repair Program.

Desk Reviews / Estimates – SCA provides experienced professionals for review of material damage claims or estimates.

Lease Return Inspection – Provides a detailed auto inspection report with photos that includes the condition of body and paint, dents, scratches, rust, tires and wheels, glass, interior, missing parts, etc.

Effective Claim Management

As a national provider of auto damage repair estimates for over 40 years we know the key to providing exceptional appraisal service is managing all points during the process to increase the consistency and reliability. Claims managers and adjusters can rest assured that each estimate completed is fully audited for accuracy and that cost-saving parts are evaluated. Our workflow employs an electronic dispatch process to immediately assign the best local appraiser based on numerous criteria. Our team of claim processing professionals oversees each part of the appraisal from same-day owner contact to same-day of inspection estimate and photo return. Since staying informed on claim progress is a needed component for adjusters we make sure that from start to finish we are tracking our own progress and reporting on it.


SCA Carrier Benefits

  • Dedicated telephone support department for owners
  • A corporate staff with the knowledge and desire to provide an excellent customer service experience for both vehicle owners and adjusters alike
  • Full complement of reports, online shop supplement request, can provide EMS data files
  • Backed by a technology and customer service forward national appraisal company in business for over 35 years
  • SCA provides industry leading technology for our internal staff, franchise network, and claims adjusters to track and review assignments
  • Nationwide coverage using both franchise and appraisal firm resources to provide unsurpassed included mileage
  • Exclusive smartphone technology allows for reliable communication and updates from the field as well fosters numerous same day inspections

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