Why Should Anyone Be Concerned with Employee Relations?

If you’re asking yourself this question, think again! In my many years as a business owner and entrepreneur, I’ve made mistakes. The good thing is that I’ve learned from those mistakes, and now fully understand the tremendous benefits of having a company that values good employee relations, and the heavy costs associated with not valuing employees.

Through the years, I’ve tried to improve, and have placed more and more emphasis on those little things that make a huge difference in the workplace. These “little things” have added up huge improvements in our workplace, creating SCA’s culture of respect and growth. Rome wasn’t built in a day; nor has SCA. We have been in business since 1979 and are now what I would consider to be the “employer of choice”.

We began administering an Employee Engagement Survey a few years back and have been consistently improving our overall favorability ratings on each point. Asking our employees about their sentiments on working conditions, policies; what they think about their supervisor and if they feel valued at the Company has given us a roadmap to improvement.

In business for so many years, it was important for us to recognize tenure and employee loyalty. This past year, we introduced our “License Plate Initiative” which I think had great success in recognizing those long-term employees.

We created an “Employee Relations Committee”; team member volunteers that wish to help SCA make a difference and coordinate our employee events. This includes our hosting a summer and winter holiday party, Halloween Pumpkin decorating contest, bulletin board contest, bake-offs, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, and the list goes on and on and on…

Recognizing Employee’s Birthdays with a hand-written signed birthday card sent to each employees’ home allows me to step back and take a moment to recognize our staff. And such celebrations would not go without a Birthday Cake! Certainly; our employees are our greatest asset!

Communication being the most essential challenge I think any company faces, we do our best to make sure our employees are informed of our business, of their team-members’ accomplishments and any new policy we might have. Our Monthly Employee Newsletter which is part of our Employee Intranet Site helps in that endeavor.

We are at work more hours than we are at home. That said, let’s have “Fun” at work, all while being productive and accountable.

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