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All Your Specialty Appraisal Needs. One Professional Solution.

The specialty appraisal marketplace encompasses a seemingly infinite variety of vehicles and equipment. Fortunately, SCA has seen and serviced the claims on nearly all of them.

We’re the national industry leader in material damage appraisals, so if it floats, flies, goes off-road or rides on rails, and if it digs, lifts, hauls or serves any other purpose, for pleasure or professional use, we can appraise it.

We understand the nuances involved in servicing the specialty market, so when you assign us a claim, both our in-house and field teams are dedicated to providing you with timely, accurate, and consistent appraisals.

Let Us Connect You with the Right Person for Your Need

SCA also provides specialty vehicle & equipment adjusting services!

Heavy Equipment | On Road Truck & Trailer | Aircraft | Railroad Eqiupment | RVs / Boats / ATVs / Motorcyles | Large Marine | Classic Autos | Other

Experience Across a Wide Range of Categories

You need a professionally trained eye to accurately appraise cars and light trucks, but doing the same for speciality vehicles and equipment requires an entirely different and specialized skill set. Fortunately, when you assign us a claim, you are partnering with a company and a team of professionals who have seen and appraised it all.

Dedicated National Network of Appraisers

SCA manages a nationwide network of licensed and highly trained vehicle damage appraisers. When it comes to investigation, policy and coverage interpretation, estimatics, and reporting, we put our 40+ years of insurance claim investigation behind their skills to ensure every time you assign us a claim, it is handled expertly and accurately.

Robust Quality Control

We have built a centralized Quality Assurance team to review every file for accuracy when you assign us a claim. Composed of adjusters who have been licensed in every state, the team understands the laws and legal developments.