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SCA now features a wider variety of appraisal methods.

Five different ways to get the job done right

Full Appraisal Services

For almost four decades our appraisers coast-to-coast have been providing excellent service to insurance companies and vehicle owners alike.

Photos Only Inspection

Utilizing our national network of certified automotive professionals our photos-only service is both fast and customer service oriented.

Private Label Application

In just 5 minutes a vehicle owner can have your custom branded app installed and all damage photos taken. Now that’s customer service!

Estimate Outsourcing

Go from vehicle damage photos to an accurate, severity conscious and rules-based estimate with a guaranteed 3 business hour turn around.

Managed Pair

Let us match the optimum repair facility with each vehicle owner. Our team will ensure you an agreed price, accurate labor rates, and proper part usage.

More ways to make writing appraisals easier.

The complete appraisal process, managed under one roof

Today’s appraisal industry is not the same as when SCA first stated in 1979 and our company has adapted it’s office personnel, business process and appraisal network with the changing times. With all the recent changes in inspection methods and workflow improvements we have leveraged our in-house development team to create top notch smartphone apps and virtual appraising services. We couple these technology advances used by our appraisal network along with fantastic teams of dedicated employees at our regional offices in Burbank, Tucson, Bayville as well as the remote employees across the country to provide an exception work product.

The photos-only inspection done by certified visual appraisers

Let’s face it, photos only assignments have been around since the days of the polaroid and SCA has been providing the industry with these services for over 35 years. While the technology has changed dramatically the core of our business and its commitment to service has stayed rock solid. With our Visual service offering it’s all about options. Does your staff have capacity to write estimates? No problem, we’ll just send the photos and notes. Got a few appraisers on vacation? No issues, we’ll write the estimate in-house. We’ve got you covered in whatever you need with a network of 38,000 inspectors who can be scheduled to arrive on the same day as FNOL.

Technology Evolves, but the basics stay the same.

The private-labeled app that puts inspection in the owner’s hands

Almost every vehicle owner these days has a smartphone and a willingness to get their vehicle repaired faster. Why not give them the option? Take our app and add your custom colors, logo, and company name then we’ll make it available. Downloading the app is as easy as using it. Any vehicle owner using an Apple or Android phone can find the app from Google Play or Apple’s App Store via a SMS text link or email QR code. From download to upload, the entire process takes about five minutes. We should also mention the interface is a breeze for customers to use. The application all but walks the owner around his or her vehicle, and includes user-friendly photo guides to indicate requested photos. Customers simply snap the relevant photos with their phones and submit them.

Estimate outsourcing for overburdened appraisers

Sometimes your staff goes on vacation or is better used servicing insureds at the site of a catastrophe. For these times and any others where you have the damage photos and just need a quality and accurate estimate we’re ready to help. With access to hundreds of desk appraisers there is never a problem with scale or fulfilling our commitment a guaranteed 3 hour turnaround. Provide SCA your damage photos, or use our Visual or Streamline products to obtain them, and we’ll write the sheet and send it back via email or using our Autoverse or Audatex integrations. It’s that simple.

We already work with every shop in the U.S., so let us manage your repairs

Using our assignment triage system we will provide the vehicle an option to select from our nationwide list of shops based on their vehicle location and convenience. Once shop selection is made we will facilitate scheduling the vehicle drop off, getting the estimate created, and ensuring complete and quick repairs. Each estimate written includes a comprehensive desk review for opportunities to save severity on parts and labor. The shops in our network must pass rigorous quality standards, and are continuously monitor on their performance to ensure timely repairs, competitive pricing, and ongoing customer satisfaction. We ensure that every repair will meet your standards and get the owner back on the road as quickly as possible.

Convenient and comprehensive.


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